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A Case for Carl Robinson

November 8, 2013


Photo credit: So it has been over a week and the Whitecaps have yet to announce a head coach. The scandal! As all of us were expecting Frank Yallop to be introduced as the heir to the Vancouver soccer helm, the Chicago Fire snuck in, from what seems out of nowhere, and scooped up […]

Thank you Y.P. Lee

October 30, 2013


Photo Credit: We have been lucky, Vancouver Whitecaps fans. Yes, given that the boys in Blue and White have missed the playoffs in two if their last three years in MLS, I know that my assertion might seem ridiculous. No, I am not talking about the actual collective results achieved. That is a topic […]

Costly Mistakes At The Wrong Time

October 23, 2013


Yes, sometimes it happens Whitecaps FC fans. Mistakes happen. Costly mistakes happen. On Saturday afternoon the Whitecaps were victims of their own mistakes. Mistakes that could have been avoided and that would have kept their playoffs hopes alive. A loss with such devastating consequences makes it hard not to look for those who we feel […]

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

October 16, 2013


No, dear reader, this column did not suddenly morph from football to music. I will not dissect the lyrics of the catchy pop song by Rihanna. Instead, I will examine the Whitecaps late resurgence in form and how this may or may not be the result of a change in formation that now sees them […]

Stay Classy Willy

October 14, 2013


Here’s the thing. I will be honest. I am very conflicted on this topic and I may not make a lot of sense. However, it is something that has been burning on my mind and I feel that it needs to be discussed. So, with that fair warning, here we go. Last weekend, the Vancouver […]

Starting XI: Rodrigo Cuadra

October 13, 2013


I have the pleasure of working with Rodrigo, He is a passionate fan not only of the Whitecaps but all the Vancouver-based teams. He is also a volunteer with the Whitecaps organization and you can see him working tirelessly on matchdays organizing and coordinating fan based contests and activations on the field such as the […]

Jay DeMerit: Man of the Match

October 2, 2013


I will not write about the Whitecaps’ performance against Real Salt Lake from last Saturday. I really debated it. I thought that I could say that it was probably one of the most irritating, unnerving and frustrating games I have seen them play. I thought of pointing out that having one shot on target at […]

Reo-Coker for DP?

September 25, 2013


Yes, the Whitecaps earned an important victory on Saturday in Montreal. I toyed with the idea of writing about it in this space but I am sure that by now you have already read all about it. More importantly, what I really have to say is that yes, it is a better result than a […]

The Head vs Heart Battle

September 18, 2013


“Gutsy performance”, “Great effort”, and “Hard-fought”. These are some of the descriptors that I have heard and read about the Whitecaps most recent road performance that earned them an away 0-0 draw versus San Jose last Saturday. As fans, we have heard other accolades like “great ball possession”, “earned a clean sheet” and “it is […]

How will the 2013 Whitecaps season be remembered?

September 11, 2013


Before the beginning of the 2013 MLS season I asked myself, “what do I expect from the Whitecaps 2013 season”? With the memories of the 2012 season and the expectations created in the offseason, I decided that I would be happy and consider their season a success if they hosted a playoff game at BC […]

Is The Season Over For The Vancouver Whitecaps?

September 4, 2013


I want to make it clear right off the top that I am not writing this in the heat of the moment. I did not just walk in and make this judgment on Sunday night after witnessing the boys in Blue and White barely scramble a last minute draw at home against the worst team […]

The Whitecaps are not ready to take the big step…yet.

August 28, 2013


Just like Vancouver’s captain Jay DeMerit tied the knot this past weekend, I am also scheduled to exchange “I dos” in Whistler in a couple of weeks. Maybe this is why I have the idea of ‘big days’ and ‘big occasions’ on my mind. The Vancouver Whitecaps had a big day, a big match and […]

The Central Back Conundrum

August 21, 2013


No, my dear reader, this article is not about an episode of “The Big Bang Theory” despite what the title might suggest. My point of interest here is the current and future situation of the central back position on the Vancouver Whitecaps squad. The 2013 Central Back Saga has experienced more ups and downs than […]

StartingXI: Jorge Mendoza (New WhitecapsXI Contributor)

August 18, 2013


Since the Whitecaps XI family has added two new contributors (including myself), I thought we should take this opportunity to help you get to know us a little better. So, over the next three editions of ‘Starting XI’, we will be featuring ourselves. StartingXI 1.) What was your journey to Whitecaps fandom? I was born […]

Where In The World is Daigo Kobayashi?

August 13, 2013


I’ll be honest with you. When I was thinking about possible topics for my first Whitecaps XI article, the Blue and White were coming off a tough road game in Portland. The performance of two players stood out to me. The first one was Kekuta Manneh due to the quiet night that the young player […]

Clint Dempsey’s Return to MLS Should Mean Nothing to the Whitecaps

August 10, 2013


Given that the signing of Clint Dempsey has made quite the splash in Vancouver and around MLS, I felt compelled to throw my two cents into the ring. The question: What does this player’s addition to the Seattle Sounders mean to the Vancouver Whitecaps? The answer: …. It means nothing. In a nutshell, that is […]

Kekuta Manneh: From Power Sub to Sub-par Starter

August 7, 2013


Before the Twitter hate storm hits my feed, let me say this: I think that Kekuta Manneh is a young, talented player who has the potential to become a very good player for the Whitecaps and the MLS. Having said that, now hear me out…or, read me out. Young Kekuta is undeniably electrifying. He is […]