REPOST: StartingXI Interview With SFU Clan’s Carlo Basso

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1.) What did it mean to you to be named SFU Athlete of the Year for 2012?

“It was an incredible feeling. It is such an honour to receive an award of that distinction, especially with so many deserving candidates. It also acts as a testament to the quality of the team, as I would not have been so successful throughout the year if it wasn’t for my teammates.”

2.) With the success you have had at SFU, have you noticed a difference in the way teams are now marking you?

“Definitely. I am now getting marked much tighter, with less time to make decisions. I found that I have to adapt, becoming more creative and finding other ways forboth myself and the team to be successful.”

3.) Last year your game developed and you added a really crisp passing game. What other parts of your game do you think you need improvement on?

“Passing is something that has started to become key with strikers, and is something I focused on. It allows me to be a bit more of a threat. It is important that I can both create goals by finishing and also supplying. Some important area’s of improvement for me would be my strength and quickness, being able to bully defenders and create space over 5-10 yards. I also want to improve technically everyday, and adding consistent left-footed finishing would really help take my game to the next level.”

4.) With you already playing PDL games for Ottawa. How excited would you be to play for the new NASL team and play in the Amway Championship against the Whitecaps?

“That would be amazing. Every kid dreams about playing at the next level and scoring a goal at the big stage. It would be a special feeling playing in front of my family and friends.”

5.) Who is the most skilled player you have ever played against?

“Couldn’t give you an exact player, but playing against clubs in England and Germany (Newcastle, Middlesborough, Sunderland, 1860 Munich, and Unterhaching) there have definitely been a few fantastic players.”

6.) Who is the most skilled teammate you have played with?

“Thomas Beattie with the Ottawa Fury PDL, he was a fantastic player and a great role model for me. (Ex. Hull City player and currently playing in Asia)”

7.) Who is your favourite team of all time?


8.) Who is your favourite player of all time?

“Del Piero”

9.) Aug. 31, 2012 you scored 5 goals against Thompson Rivers University in 46 minutes. Have you ever had a game where you were dialed in like that?

“Not since my youth. It seemed like everything was falling my way that game, and fortunately I was able to finish all of my chances. I just try and put myself in the right places where the ball will find me.”

10.) How often do you get to attend Whitecaps games well you are in town?

“As much as I can. I have been to a few this year and the team seems very promising. Hopefully with Miller returning the team can find some goals make a run to the top of the conference.”

11.) You guys had such a great season last year at SFU. Would anything but a championship next season be a disappointment?

“I think you could say that. We set the bar so high last year and had an amazing run. Even saying that we realize that we haven’t accomplished anything. The team has to come to training every day and approach it one day at a time. Hopefully with the right mentality and the amount of quality we have in the team, we will be able to bring a NCAA national championship to Canada.”

Extra Time:

12.) How much does your family love the fact that you play only a few minutes away from where you grew up?

“They couldn’t be happier. It is a wonderful experience for them to see me pursue my dreams and play soccer at a fantastic standard while continuing to gain valuable education that will support me in my life after I am finished playing.”

13.) What are your personal goals for 2013?

“Ultimately my goals are to help the team win and be successful. I want to continue to play a pivotal role in the squads success and help achieve the greatness that was so close in our previous campaign. If I can help the team do that while improving every day I could not ask for anything else.”

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