Starting XI: Rodrigo Cuadra

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I have the pleasure of working with Rodrigo, He is a passionate fan not only of the Whitecaps but all the Vancouver-based teams. He is also a volunteer with the Whitecaps organization and you can see him working tirelessly on matchdays organizing and coordinating fan based contests and activations on the field such as the Timbits half time games. Here’s a little bit more about Rodrigo.


1.) What was your journey to Whitecaps fandom?

“Back when I was 15 I began vending lemonade at Swangard stadium during games. It didn’t take long for me to become a fan. It was such a great atmosphere and the venue was so great. I miss it!”

2.) What other leagues around the world do you follow?

“I try to keep up with La Liga and a bit of the English Premier League, but it’s tough because I can’t ever watch any games!”

3.) Complete the phrase: “If you don’t anything about the Whitecaps the one thing you need to know is…”

“There is nothing like being at BC Place watching a game. The energy is great when the fans get going.”

4.) What young Whitecaps player do you think has the biggest potential?

“Darren Mattocks”

5.) Who is your favourite current or past Whitecaps player?

“I like Darren Mattocks!”

6.) What has been your top Whitecaps MLS moment to date?

“Opening day at Empire Stadium. What a great venue and what a beautiful day or was. We beat TFC 4-2.”

7.) Who is your favourite football player of all time?

“Cristiano Ronaldo.”

8.) What is your favourite football moment?

“Fernando Torres coming out of nowhere in the World Cup semi-final against Germany and scoring the go-ahead goal. Eventually Spain winning the World Cup is up the too. (I’m a Spain fan)”

9.) How do you see the Whitecaps fitting in the Vancouver sports landscape?

“I think that if they have a few consecutive winning seasons they’ll be able to actively compete with the Canucks fan base. That should really be the goal. To be the premier sports team in Vancouver. They’re not quite there yet.”

10.) What do you think is necessary for MLS to reach the next level?

“They have to entertain the fans. With that entertainment comes action-packed games. Unfortunately many people compare the MLS to European and South American soccer. The fact is that the leagues are in different worlds, both in the literal sense and the figurative sense. As I said, just make it entertaining. People will talk. People will watch.”

11.) As a Whitecaps FC volunteer, what is your job and what is the best part about it??

“Without a doubt, interacting with the fans. The fans bring great energy to each game.”

Extra Time

12.) If all the Whitecaps players were available for selection, what would be your ideal Starting XI?

“This one is too hard!!! Camilo needs to be starting though. That goal against Portland was phenomenal”

13.) Tell us a little more about your soccer history.

“Played when I was younger. Was never that great haha! Love playing striker, but I’m more useful as a midfielder.”

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