Whitecaps 2013 Season Projected

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So far this season, the Whitecaps sit 4th place in the MLS Western Conference. They have a record of 9-6-5 so far from 20 games played. So based on previous results and past seasons, how will the Whitecaps end up at the end of the regular season?

At this time last year, the Whitecaps had only 2 points fewer than they do this year. After 20 matches played last season, the Caps held a record of 8-6-6, which is quite similar to that of this season. At around this time of the season, some changes were made in the team as well. With the departures of Davide Chiumiento, Sebastien Le Toux and Eric Hassli. On top of that, there were also some acquisitions like Dane Richards, Andy O’Brien and most notably Kenny Miller. While all of this was going on, Vancouver’s great form from the beginning of the season dropped dramatically.

In matches #21 through to #30, the Whitecaps only managed to take 8 points from a possible total of 30. In an entire month, from August 15th to September 15th, the Caps did not manage to get a single point. After finally recording a draw, it took the Whitecaps another half month to record a victory. Perhaps this is something that is best left in history where it belongs…

So How Does This Season Look?

With the Whitecaps recent form taken into account, they have a win percentage of 0.636 dating back to the match against RSL on May 4th. Since then, they also have developed a draw percentage and loss percentage of 0.181. Using those numbers to roughly predict the remainder of the season, the Whitecaps should fair pretty well. If they keep this form up, they will win about 8 or 9 out of their 14 remaining matches, as well as draw and lose 2 or 3 respectively.


If you do the math, that all adds up to around 59 or 60 points to finish the season with. In past seasons, the top team in the West has usually finished in the mid to high 60s in terms of points. If Vancouver were to finish with 59-60 points, that would put them in second or third to finish the season.

Of course, all of this depends on how the Caps manage to end off their 2013 season. Sure, the Whitecaps were impressive last season up until this point as well. The final stretch of the MLS is what truly distinguishes the lower level teams from the team who can win championships.

Jake Vendramin