Starting XI: Bobby Jhutty (Whitecaps U23)

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Bobby Jhutty (Courtesy of

Bobby Jhutty (Courtesy of


1.) What was it like to play a season at Sparta Rotterdam?

“Playing a season overseas for Sparta Rotterdam was the best experience of my life. It made me realize how big our sport really is, and how badly I want to be a professional. Playing for Sparta I had the chance to play with and against the top youth players in the world. It makes you realize how much competition there is in the world.”

2.) Who is the most skilled player you have ever played against?

“I wouldn’t say he’s the most skilled player I’ve ever played against. But the toughest opponent I’ve ver had would be Kevin Strootman. He played for the Sparta U18 A1 team while I played for the U16 B1 team. When ever we would play exhibition matches, marking him would be hell. He never ran to much but always knew where to be. When ever you think your close to him, he’ll be around you.”

3.) Who is the most skilled teammate you have played with?

“The most skilled player I have ever played with would have to be Illias Bel Hussani. He is still playing with Sparta Rotterdam but is now ofcoarse on the men’s team. Being an attacking midfielder, he could get past people while walking, and his left foot technique was unbelievable at the age of 16.”

4.) Who is your favourite team?

“My favourite team would have to be Real Madrid. I feel like they know the difference of passing the ball to keep possession and when they should counter attack and play fast. Unlike Barcelona.”

5.) This season you have been used as often as a starter as you have a sub. Do you wish you could be a more constant starter for this season?

“Of course I wish I could start more often, but I feel like the coach knows what’s right for the team. I feel like he’s looking for more midfielders who are grinders and love to tackle and get in dirty when we don’t have the ball. Where as I’m more of a technical attacking midfielder and focus on playing with the ball when we has it.”

6.) This season has been up and down for the U23s this year. Are you happy with the team play this season?

“I feel as if every team has its ups and downs. We have had a couple matches where would should’ve won and haven’t started off to well but we usually work back into it. If we could learn to start as well as we finish the game we would do a lot better. But over all I feel like I’m happy with the team play this season. Just a matter of doing a couple more little things.”

7.) What parts of your game do you think you need improvement on?

“The part of my game I need to improve on is my fitness and defensive responsibilitys, but I think those 2 things would come together. If I could get fitter I’d be able to defend more. Its just hard as we only play at a high level 3 months out of the year and have to work before coming to practice as were not professional players.”

8.) What would it mean to you to play MLS games for the Whitecaps?

“Honestly I think it would mean the world to not just me, but my family aswell. It has been our dream to for me play in a stadium as a professional player and if it was in my home town, in front of all my family and friends. That would be amazing. Nothing better then representing the city you grew up in at the highest level.”

9.) Who is your favourite player of all time?

“Would have to be Messi. He’s the prefect example of what I want to be. On and off the field. My position, my style, my height. Just a lot better lol.”

10.) What could the Whitecaps do to get a better Indo-Canadian following at games?

“Pay more attention to the youth. Don’t just bring them in for the pdl season. Imagine if the pdl players had year round competitive training instead of just 3 months. Now that would be professional development.”

11.) This years U23 has a really good young crop of young Indo-Canadians (yourself, Bassi, Dosanjh, Lakhan & Hundal). What is it like for the group of you to be able to play together?

“It’s great that we have so many indo Canadian players playing together at this level. It shows that we do have potential players in our community and with some work maybe one day will play for the first team. Also having so many players who have played together since we were kids is good for the team because it builds chemistry.”

Extra Time

12.) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

“In the next 5 years I would hope to see my self playing the sport I love for a living. If not for the whitecaps then possibly over seas in Europe or even in India as their league is growing really fast.”

13.) You have played in all 9 games so far this season. Yet you have only played 430 mins (47 mins a game). Is it frustrating not getting a chance to pay a full 90?

“Of course it sucks not playing more often and being able to showcase my talent and help out the team. But ill continue to work and hopefully in the near future ill see the pitch more often.”

Thank you Bobby, stay tuned for another great interview next week…

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