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1.) What was it like to be named the Canada West Rookie of the Year?

“It was a big acheivement for me. I honestly didn’t even know about the award before I received it, being a rookie in the CIS I just wanted to make an impact with every chance I got and it paid off. It also gave me confidence going into the National Championships.”

2.) Who is the best player you have ever played against?

“I think the best player I have played against is Davide Chiumiento. His sharpness and skill was enjoyable to watch, and his ability to compete in a physical league like the MLS even with his stature proves he is a world class player.”

3.) Who was your most skilled teammate ever?

“This is a tough question, as it is hard to define “skill” and there are many skilled players on the team. I would have to say Gagan Dosanjh, as he kind of reminds me of Davide Chiumiento. His awareness and quickness especially in tight areas is really impressive.”

4.) Who is your favourite team?

“I do not officially support any team, but my favourite team this year was Borussia Dortmund. I picked them to win the Champions League and I like them because they collectively have an amazing work rate and they are always all on the same page.”

5.) Who is your favourite player?

“My favourite player is the Brazilian Ronaldo. I started watching soccer because of him and based my game on his.”

6.) You are leading the U23’s in minutes this season. What are your personal goals for this season?

“My personal goals this season are to improve as a player, win a PDL championship, and hopefully impress the Whitecaps coaching staff.”

7.) This season has been up and down for you guys. What do you see as the problems this season?

“I think we’ve struggled this year because we usually give up the first goal, and it is usually through our own mistakes/lapses. In a league like the PDL, the soccer isn’t always going to be pretty and teams are going to want to engage in physical battles with us. We are a possession-based team that tries to play free-flowing soccer, but we have to able to adjust our tactics in situations that are presented to us if we want to be successful, and so far we haven’t been able to adjust quickly and consistently.”

8.) This year’s team has a great young Indo-Canadian feel to it. How could the Whitecaps get a better following from this community?

“It’s nice to see Indo-Canadians being involved in the Whitecaps program. Vancouver (and Canada) is a diverse place with many different ethnicities, and I think this should give Canada an advantage in soccer. Harry, Gagan, Bobby, Derrick, and I receive a lot of support and recognition from the Indo-Canadian community, along with the rest of Vancouver’s soccer community. It’s a great honour to represent Vancouver and our Indian heritage, and I think the Whitecaps are very fortunate that there is such a strong, multicultural community here in Vancouver to complement the club.”

9.) Where do you see yourself in 5 years with soccer?

“In 5 years I hope I will be playing professional soccer somewhere, whether its with the Whitecaps, another MLS club or on another continent. I am currently enrolled in school as well, so my degree is also very important to me. However, as of right now soccer is of primary importance to me as I am at the most critical stage of my soccer career.”

10.) What are your thoughts on the MLS Whitecaps this season?

“It’s actually very similar to our PDL season. Although there have been moments of brilliance and success, the level of disappointment outweighs any achievement thus far. The first team is currently in a situation where their depth will be tested, and guys are going to have to step up to fill roles. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, I think everyone on the first team is capable of going in and doing the job they just have to go out and prove it.”

11.) What would it mean to you to play for Vancouver in the MLS?

“Playing professional soccer anywhere would be a dream come true, but playing in Vancouver would be extra special. Being from a small town in Northern B.C., representing Vancouver would be a great honour. Also, the fan support I receive at UVic is incredible so I could only imagine what it would be like playing at B.C. Place.”

Extra Time

12.) Which of your U23 teammates talks the most trash in practice?

“The team is full of laughs and everyone likes to put their 2 cents in. I wouldn’t say their are any trash talkers, but if I had to give the title to someone for this it would definitely be Mike Winters. The guy is great to have around on road trips as he brings a lot of energy and laughs on the bus and in the changeroom. He also brings a lot of leadership and intensity on the pitch so he’s just a great teammate overall.”

13.) If you weren’t playing soccer you would be?

“If I didn’t play soccer it would give me more time to focus on school, but I would also need to get my competitive fix so I would train in Mixed Martial Arts, as I’ve always wanted to compete in an individual sport.”

Thank you Cam, stay tuned for another great interview next Saturday morning!

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