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1.) What did you know about Vancouver and the Whitecaps organization before they picked you up on Jan. 23/2003?

Corey: “I didn’t know much except they had a good season last year and lost first round in playoffs. I watched that game against LA. But I was excited to come to a new team and start off fresh!”

2.) Who is the most skilled teammate you have ever played with?

Corey: “Has to be Thierry Henry when I was in New York.”

3.) Who is the best player you have ever played against?

Corey: “I haven’t played in many games so out of the few I did I would have to say maybe Beckerman but he only got to play 10 or 15 mins haha.”

4.) What do you make of your time well in the NY Redbulls organization? Do you think you where given a fair shot?

Corey: “My time in New York really was a good experience other then playing time. I mean getting to play with Henry Marquez and Cahill everyday and learn from the best isn’t to bad! I learned a lot from Henry when I was there.”

5.) You have become a long throw in specialist well playing for the Whitecaps. Is that something you have always had the skill to do? Or is it something you have worked on during your playing career?

Corey: “No I never really worked on it just always had it.”

6.) How do you compare Vancouver as a city to New York as a city?

Corey: “I love Vancouver it’s such a beautiful city and the people here are awesome! New York was a little to big for me and busy but It was an awesome city to walk around and just spend an afternoon. I still don’t think in my two years I’ve seen the whole city!”

7.) Who is your favourite soccer team of all time?

Corey: “Don’t really have a favorite soccer team just watch the games really!”

8.) What teammate do you spend the most time with off the pitch?

Corey: “I have to say Bryce Alderson and Greg Klazura.”

9.) When you got sent to Wilmington Hammerheads how hungry did that make you to prove to people you can play in the MLS?

Corey: “Yea I just wanted to Score goals and just prove to people that I can play at this level and score goals! It was hard having people say that I wasn’t good enough or stuff like that when I never got a chance. So hopefully with my chance now I can prove that.”

10.) Coming out of Penn State you signed a Generation Adidas contract with the MLS. Do you think GA players have a lot more pressure to perform right away then a player who isn’t a GA?

Corey: “Yea! I believe I didn’t live up to my GA contract but I feel I never really had a chance too and now that I have a chance hopefully I can make up the past two years with this season!”

11.) Your goal against FC Edmonton has been called by fans on twitter the Whitecaps goal of the year so far. Out of 10 chances, how many times are you putting that in the net?

Corey: “Haha me and the goalie coach worked all week on finishing and most were volleys or long range shots so I would have to say right now maybe 3 haha but hopefully more then that when the time comes for a long range shot!”

Extra Time

12.) Who has the better hair style, Russell Teibert or Tommy Heinemann?

Corey: “I’m going to have to go with Mountain Man HEINEMANN!!! And not only his hair on his head but the beard is very impressive!”

13.) You have been making a name for yourself with all the goals (8) scored in reserve games, preseason and season games. What is your personal goals for the season?

Corey: “In off season I made a list of all my goals before I signed for Vancouver they were:

  • Sign for a new team in MLS.
  • Score 11 goals.
  • Start half the games during the season.
  • And last one, win the MLS cup! Haha.”
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