Starting XI: Sam Adekugbe

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1.) Growing up in Manchester, you probably had a tough decision. United or City?

“My dad was an arsenal fan and he took me to a match vs Manchester City. Arsenal lost and then on I became a fan of arsenal.”

2.) How hungry are you to get a MLS contract and suit up in a MLS game?

“Becoming a footballer is what I’ve always wanted to do. And having exposure to things such as pre season with the 1st team and reserve games, it only makes me more hungrier for an MLS contract.”

3.) Who is the most skilled teammate you have played with?

“Most skilled teammate would undoubtedly be Davide Chiumento we had played together in a reserve game. His technical ability was incredible.”

4.) Who is the best player you have played against?

“Pablo Mastroeni of the Colorado Rapids”

5.) Who is your favourite player of all time?

“Ashley Cole”

6.) Who is your favourite team of all time?

“Manchester City”

7.)How good would it be to line up in a game with your brother Elijah in a professional game?

“Would be more amazing for my parents who wish us the best in life. My dad for certain would be very excited”

8.) What are your personal goals for this upcoming season?<

“Personal goals are for me to gain an mls contract, and to start many of the reserve games as well.”

9.) If you weren’t a soccer player, you would be….?

“Tennis player”

10.) How important is it for you to get some quality minutes this year to help with your development?

“Definitely important. We’ve talked with the club, and they also definitely believe in order for me maximize my potential I need to play at highest level I possibly can.”

11.) If Canada, England and Nigeria all called for you to play a national game. What country do you pick?

“Born in England but I lived in Canada most my years. It’s a tough question to answer.”

Extra Time

12.) The Whitecaps have great depth with defenders, what player has taken you under his wing?

“All the players have taken me under their wing so it’s very hard for me to point one out especially. But Russell Teibert is one I talk to a lot because he also came out of the residency program so it is easy for me to relate to him.”

13.) In 5 years I will be….?

“Playing professional soccer at the highest level I am destined to play at.”

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