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1.) When you where signed by the Whitecaps, what did you know about Vancouver and the current team?

“Not a lot to be honest. I knew the manager, a few players, and just what I had seen of the city when I came to play against Vancouver. Coming from Columbus, I knew it was little bit bigger of a club and I am very excited to be apart of this organization.”

2.) In 2010 you where loaned to the Carolina Railhawks. What do you remember about Martin Rennie back then?

“I actually signed straight away with the Railhawks, as my contract with Charleston was up. I remember being apart of a really fun and exciting team that made its way to the championship. A big part of that was Martin and the environment he created at the club. I really enjoyed my time there.”

3.) Do you feel like you got a fair shot while playing in Columbus?

“Columbus is a great club and will always hold a special place in my heart as they brought me into the league. I would have liked to play more in Columbus, but thats how the game works. Sometimes you have to be patient and wait for your opportunity. I also dealt with an injury and missed all of last year, which obviously affected my availability.”

4.) Who is your favourite player of all time?


5.) What is your favourite team of all time?


6.) Who is the most skilled player you have played with?

“Federico Higuain.”

7.) Best player you have ever played against?

“Chad Marshall. Played with him and against him.”

8.) In a recent interview Corey Hertzog said you had better hair then Russell Teibert. How long have you let the hair grow out?

“Haha! I think the longest is about 8 months. My wife usually lets me know when I have crossed the line.”

9.) How different has this season been after sitting out all of last year with an injury?

“It’s been very different, in a good way. Last year, I was doing therapy 5 times a week and on crutches instead of training everyday with the guys. I am very blessed and thankful to God to be back on the field. Not being able to play increased my desire to play and to train harder so that my body would be prepared. I missed playing a great deal, however I am also thankful for the trial I went through. I believe everything happens for a reason and the time off allowed me to grow more as a player and a person.”

10.) What has surprised you the most about Vancouver as a city?

“That people in cars always stop for pedestrians no matter where they are crossing the street.”

11.) What are your personal goals for this season?

“My hope is that we can win. And continue to win. My desire is to contribute to that, score goals, help our team be successful in any way I can. We have an excellent team with great players and fantastic guys. I believe we can accomplish a lot.”

Extra Time

12.) You tweeted a picture well attending a Canucks game. How did you like?

“Enjoyed it a lot! I am a St. Louis Blues fan (from St. Louis), but the Canucks have been a fun team to latch onto and are quickly becoming my second favorite NHL team!”

13.) What teammate do you hangout with off the pitch the most?

“I enjoy hanging out with a lot of the guys, and I am still getting to know some of them, but so far Watson, Hertzog and Klazura.’

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