Starting XI: Tyler Green

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Tyler Green interviewing Camilo.


1.) Whitecaps FC daily has the potential to be a big time Vancouver sports program. What does it need to take that next step?

“Almost ready to take the next step and will do so over the next few years. It’ll just take more consistent listenership and sponsor.”

2.) What is your favourite jersey in your collection?

“Probably a jersey I never actually wear. A 1999-2000 Southampton FC shirt autographed by the entire team that was given to me by captain Jason Dodd.”

3.) Who is your favourite Whitecap of all time?

“Luckily someone I get to work with all the time!! Carl Valentine. I even got him to autograph a program for me a couple years back. He thought I was taking the piss out of him but honestly wanted him to sign it.”

4.) What do you think of the MLS trying to trademark the Cascadia Cup name even though it was created by the Caps, Sounders and Timbers supporters?

“I completely understand the reasoning behind what MLS did, but I think the way MLS went about it was completely wrong. They really should have spoken with the supporters groups and kept them in the loop.”

5.) What is the best part about working at Team 1040?

“Watching live sporting events and being able to travel to events is amazing. Simply getting paid to watch and talk sports is the best part.”

6.) Who is the most athletic Team 1040 staff member?

“Scott Rintoul is by far the most athletic.”

7.) If you were Martin Rennie for the day. What changes would you make?

“I would definitely add to the defensive side of things. A centre back would be on the wish list as would a goalkeeper above and beyond what Cannon and Knighton bring.”

8.) What is the best rivalry the Caps have?

“Most people would say Seattle or Portland and it’s a great rivalry, but after watching the San Jose v ‘Caps match a few weeks ago, the pushing, the shoving, the distain for one another makes me think that’s going to be a huge rivalry in years to come.”

9.) What advice would you give to people wanting to get into the radio field?

“Volunteer, work where you can and try and do what you can to gain experience. Don’t be scared to go ply your trade in a small town if you get experience. Keep knocking on the doors until you get a yes for a job.”

10.) What person/player was the best interview you have ever been a part of?

“Best interview ever was Clarence Seedorf. Was scheduled to chat for about 20 minutes and ended up spending over an hour with me. He was an absolutely classy individual.”

11.) Between working for TEAM Radio (1410 and 1040) and writing for 24HRS, how do you find time to watch soccer games you don’t attend?

“Daughter, work and the PVR works overtime and a lot of MLS Live matches in their duration after the fact. Mix in a little bit of playing soccer myself and that’s pretty much my life. Some say awesome… most say dull.”

Extra Time

12.) Who is faster on the pitch yourself, Peter Schaad or David Norman?

“Without a doubt, me!! I’d leave Schaad and Norman in the dust.”

13.) What are your predictions for the Whitecaps this year?

“As much as I’d like to say winning the west, I think the ‘Caps are in for a battle to make the playoffs before exiting without a trophy. The curse of losing the Voyageurs Cup also seems likely.”

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