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1.) You are probably the most twitter friendly player on the Whitecaps. How have the Caps supporters treated you on social media?

Brad: “The supporters have been fantastic since I have arrived. It’s really nice to be in a city with so much passion and support from a particular team.”

2.) In a interview I did with Marius Rovde he said you where the strongest and fastest of the Caps keepers. How has he helped develop you game and skills since you have been in Vancouver?

Brad: “Marius has been a player at the highest level as well. He knows when to push you and when to back off. He demands a ton in training day in and day out which has helped me develop so much in my short time here in Vancouver.”

3.) Who is your most skilled teammate of all time?

Brad: “Daigo Kobayashi.”

4.) Who is your favourite player of all time?

Brad: “Lionel Messi.”

5.) What is your favourite soccer team of all time?

Brad: “Arsenal.”

6.) In a recent poll on WhitecapsXI, 65% of readers picked you to be the starting keeper this year in Vancouver. How has not starting driven you to make sure when you do get the start you leave it all out on the pitch because you don’t know when you might get your next start?

Brad: “These first couple months to begin the season have been very difficult for me. It has not been what I would of expected but that’s the way life goes sometimes. It is about how you react to these situations that define who you are. All I can do is control the things I can control which is keeping a positive mentality, training hard, and take my chance when it come again.”

7.) You were one of the Railhawks that Rennie brought in when he took over coaching the Caps. How has he progressed in your opinion from a NASL coach to a up and coming MLS coach?

Brad: “Not much has changed coming from NASL to MLS in my perspective. Every coach has their way they want to do things and his ways have been successful at every level he has coached. Last year coming in to a team that struggled their first season in MLS I think was a good thing for him. He was able to put his stamp on this team and build this team into a contender like he has at every other level. He has a vision for this club to be one of the best in MLS. That will not change overnight. I think we made good strides last year being the first Canadian team to ever make the MLS Playoffs. This year the expectations are bigger than they were last year.”

8.) Last year people where talking about being cursed if they were on your roommates on the road feature for the Caps web site. Did any players refuse to answer the door?

Brad: “No. Everyone on the team had a pretty good time with it, but there was a ton of pranks and banter going on because of what kept happening. Good clean fun.”

9.) Have you given any thought about pursuing broadcasting when your playing days are over?

Brad: “I would love to get into broadcasting or coaching after I finish playing. I feel like I have a very good knowledge not only about MLS but sports in general which would help if I decide to go down that road. I have already started taking my coaching badges so I can get a head start in that direction also.”

10.) What is the best team you have ever played goal against?

Brad: “Manchester United.”

11.) The close range shot you took off the face against FC Edmonton. How bad did that really hurt? It looked quite painful.

Brad: “The shot didn’t really affect me that much. I took it right on the chin which is probably the best place I could have taken it. Anywhere else I think it would have hurt a bit more. Getting hit is part of the job description anyways, just keep it out of the net.”

Extra Time

12.) Why haven’t you busted out the Joe Cannon short shorts for any games well in Vancouver?

Brad: “I tend to have my own style and it doesn’t really match with Joe.”

13.) What would it mean to you to bring a MLS cup to Vancouver?

Brad: “I think this city is hungry for a championship. They deserve it. We have some of the most passionate fans and supporters I have ever seen. That doesn’t happen in every MLS market but we are very fortunate. It would be fantastic!”

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