And The Oscar Goes To…

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Camilo scores against FC Edmonton (Courtesy of


In the past three weeks, some people may say that Camilo has been our best attacking player on the pitch. Other people may say he dives far too much, goes down too easy and is a disgrace to the Whitecaps organization. Supporters of the Vancouver Whitecaps either love him or hate him, basically he is the Roberto Luongo of the Whitecaps organization.

It is getting to a point where even if he is fouled in the box, referees are not giving him the call, solely based on his reputation. That’s what happens when he get a few calls, and after the game the officials check the tapes and realize Camilo made him look bad. MLS referees can make themselves look foolish without getting help from players diving and flopping. Don’t get me wrong, his speed and hustle does get him some legitimate foul calls. But even those calls are starting to look less and less like actual fouls.

We as fans will take the goals that come from the free kicks all day long. We will take Camilo having a crack from a free kick 35 yards out every time possible. He has had an up and down relationship with Martin Rennie. At times he is the best player and he will never get out of the line up, then he has these drops in form and he can’t even get into his rhythm at all.

Right mow he is only 24 years old and has plenty of time left in his career to adjust this aspect of his game. He can change his image with the MLS referees by playing hard, not complaining about “missed” calls, attacking the box and play an honest game week in and week out. Ever since the match against RSL on October 6th 2011 when Camilo scored his first brace for the Whitecaps with two penalty kicks, he has been the player that steps up to take a penalty shot when he is on the pitch. This the biggest problem I have with football, I firmly believe that the player who gets fouled should be the player who steps up to take the spot kick.

Now let’s all remember that he is the Whitecaps all-time leading MLS goalscorer (22) and has plenty of positives to his game. He still has many years left ahead of him, which will all hopefully take place in a Whitecaps kit, to be one of the all time great Whitecaps of all time.

Aaron Campbell