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Best Answers

Who is faster: yourself, Mattocks, Manneh or Hurtado?

Omar Salgado: “I think Hurtado is the fastest.”

Do you remember your first Caps game you ever attended?

Rebecca Contant: “March 19, 2011, Whitecaps v. TFC. The beautiful weather, numerous goals and glorious, glorious ponchos raining down from above made that day special.”

When you were released from Vancouver a lot of the Southsider supporters where not happy with the way it was done. How did you think Tom Soehn handled the situation?

Wes Knight: “I think the way Tommy handled himself as a whole in Vancouver is evidence of why he is no longer with the club. His track record speaks for itself. Without going too far into detail, I wish Tommy well wherever he ends up.”

Between you and your roommate (Omar Salgado) who gets the TV remote on the road?

Erik Hurtado: “I mean he’s busy talking on the phone with his girlfriend and texting her the whole time so its not really a fight.. I get it haha.”

Who is the better soccer player, Tyler Green or David Norman?

Peter Schaad: “A one legged, blindfolded David Norman is still the better player.”

What advice would you give young players just starting out and not wanting to play goalkeeper?

Marius Rovde: “Don’t ever be in goal and try to make it as a don’t need you in goals, goalkeeping is for a certain type of people..real men!”

The Most Common Answer

Most skilled player as a teammate?

Eric Hassli: “Davide Chiumiento!!!!”

Who is the best player you have ever had as a teammate?

Omar Salgado: “Davide Chiumiento. Great guy and an amazing player. Unfortunate that he wasn’t able to stick around a little longer.”

Who is the most skilled teammate you have ever played with?

Wes Knight: “Davide Chiumiento , without question! He would do juggling tricks in the locker room with oranges before practice. His relationship with the ball was unreal. You couldn’t take the ball off of him in a phone booth.”


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