Starting XI: Marius Rovde (Whitecaps Goalkeeper Coach)

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1.) What do you think of the MLS trying to trademark the Cascadia Cup name even though it was created by the Caps, Sounders and Timbers supporters?

Marius: “If that is correct I don’t think it’s very impressive…but they might want to protect it on behalf of the supporters.”

2.) Who was the best player you ever played against?

Marius: “Best Norwegian is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, best foreign is Barcelona’s number 1 striker Hristo Stoichkov, “the Dagger””

3.) Who was your most skilled teammate of all time?

Marius: “Axel Kolle from Norway..super talented kid who retired at 26 years due to a knee injury.”

4.) You use to be a car salesman. What is the most expensive car you ever sold?

Marius: “That was a BMW M6 $300 000 in Norway…Tax, Tax, Tax.”

5.) Who is your favorite soccer player of all time?

Marius: “Santiago Canizares Valencia FC.”

6.) What MLS road city is the best to visit?

Marius: “Chicago in the summer! But the best road atmosphere is Portland.”

7.) What advice would you give young players just starting out and not wanting to play goalkeeper?

Marius: “Don’t ever be in goal and try to make it as a don’t need you in goals, goalkeeping is for a certain type of people..real men!”

8.) The are only a few years between you and Joe Cannon. Could you suit up in a Caps jersey? How well do you think you would do?

Marius: “I think I could play in MLS if I got an injury free preseason. I know that I still could do better than a couple of the guys we have seen…not giving you any names. If I had to play a single game on Saturday I would probably survived because of adrenalin and the crowd..but I would need 1 week to”

9.) There was a lot of disappointment from the Caps fans during the Tommy Soehn era. What did you take out of your experience with Soehn?

Marius: “Tommy Soehn is a hard worker and a gentleman, I think people who go out and criticize a former college to media, but don’t have “balls” to talk about it when they are working together, is weak! I haven’t heard anybody say anything negative about Tommy’s job. You can only judge him for his work as a coach, he trusted me and kept me on board in Whitecaps FC, so I owe him respect, because that was a great decision 🙂 Dennis Hammlet is a great guy as well when you get to know him, I honestly really liked them all, but it didn’t work and then the club had to make changes..that is soccer. I still think Dennis is more a head coach then an assistant!”

10.) Who is the fittest Caps goalkeeper on the roster?

Marius: “Strongest and fastest is Brad, hungriest is Simon and smartest is Joe, and Sean is the learning every day of these guys…”

11.) What made you decide on coming to Vancouver to start your MLS coaching career?

Marius: “It was the former Canadian Women’s coach Even Pellerud, the man behind 90% of Canada’s success the last 5 years as well..all his key players he identified 10-12 years ago is at a peaking age..round 30 years.. And he thought them how to be top athletes. Even told me how good club Whitecaps fc is, and how great the city is.”

Extra Time

12.) Who is better dressed, Martin Rennie, Paul Ritchie or Carl Robinson?

Marius: “Martin Rennie on match days but I like Carl’s style during the Paul is the funniest one and I love his flowery away shorts! All the coaches are good guys, including J DeClute and Mike “life is too short””

13.) Lets get this twitter controversy settled, 380 tweets 50,200 followers. How did you do it?

Marius: “It’s very easy, be a popular and an extremely charming man and you get followers over a few maybe some help from some famous expert friends like @JoshuaMedcalfe..”

Stay tuned next week for another surprise guest…

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