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Peter Shaad doing the Whitecaps pre-game in 2011. (Courtesy of

Starting XI

1.) You have been involved with the Whitecaps since 2002. How has the journey to today molded you into the broadcaster that you are today?

Peter: “I think I really only started learning about broadcasting since 2002. There was a lot of early sacrifice and foundational work in my career to even get to the Whitecaps “era”. But since ’02, it’s almost taken until now to be comfortable with my instincts and less hyper-critical of myself, or sensitive to other people’s criticisms.”

2.) Aston Villa is having a difficult season this year. Only QPR has scored  fewer goals than them this year. What would you do to fix the problems on the pitch?

Peter: “The problems sadly have been there since Nigel Reo Coker played. An out of control wage bill during Martin O’Neill’s era is still having repercussions today. The most important thing the club can do now is stick with the plan, and stick with Paul Lambert’s youth policy. It may mean relegation, but long term…it’s probably the only way forward.”

3.) Who is your favourite Whitecaps player of all time?

Peter: “Nobody quite dominated the way Peter Beardsley did. If only we had appreciated that time a bit more.”

4.) Who is your favourite soccer player of all time?

Peter: “It’s impossible to answer that, because I feel more affiliation to teams rather than individual players. Whitecaps, Villa, Germany and Canada. But I’ve still yet to see a performance like Maradonna’s in Mexico 86. I don’t think we’ve seen a performance like that since. Messi’s amazing, but he hasn’t taken a country on his back and lifted the most important trophy in the world…YET.”

5.) What are your thoughts on the MLS Cascadia Cup battle that is going on right now?

Peter: “Having spoken with the Commissioner about it on Friday, it sounds to me like a bit an underestimation on the league’s part as to how important that trophy is to its founders. It might be the best thing to have happened…because the league has now learned a valuable lesson, and perhaps values the supporters even more, and the supporters themselves have forged a very strong bond amongst themselves and with the other NW groups. I will also say, that I think we are truly fortunate to have Don Garber as our commish. He’s a very very shrewd businessman, and incredibly smart individual. Would Gary Bettman admit making a mistake the way Garber did over this kerfuffle? No chance.”

6.) Who is the better soccer player, Tyler Green or David Norman?

Peter: “A one legged, blindfolded David Norman is still the better player.”

7.) If you were Martin Rennie for a day what changes would you make to the Whitecaps?

Peter: “If I were Martin Rennie for a day, I would savour every minute of that day and I wouldn’t change anything, at the risk of screwing something up.”

8.) What are your predictions for the Whitecaps this year?

Peter: “The Whitecaps will be in the mix for every competition they’re in. The success of this season will probably come down to 5 chances, and the team’s ability to stay healthy.”

9.) What is like getting paid to watch soccer and offer your opinion on the game?

Peter: “I’m incredibly grateful. I worked hard to get here and I don’t intend to give it up…nor do I intend to rest on my laurels. Studying the game and learning how to keep listeners engaged is a never ending journey.”

10.) How happy are you with the growth of Whitecaps FC Daily?

Peter: “It’s a work in progress for sure, and it’s still unclear whether it’s a commercially viable entity. The challenge will always be making the show make financial sense, and growing a listener base. The reality is…the audience isn’t there yet. It’s going to have to be soon.”

11.) What do you believe was the best off season player move by the Whitecaps this past off season?

Peter: “Easily Reo-Coker, although one could argue Leveron might be a bigger long term signing. But getting a player of Nigel’s quality without breaking the bank in the first year, makes it a zero risk deal, with the likelihood of huge reward…especially if Saturday was any indication.”

Extra Time

12.) What soccer team will you never be able to cheer for?

Peter: “Manchester United.”

13.) What is your favourite road city in the MLS?

Peter: “Another really hard one to answer. New York is an amazing city, and the stadium is outstanding…but Seattle’s proximity, and their fan base and the whole environment is magnificent. Seattle itself is such a great city too. But every single market has it’s redeeming qualities…which is why I will reiterate…how grateful I am to be in this position!”

You can hear Peter on Team 1410 Whitecaps FC Daily 3-4pm and follow him on twitter @PeteSchaad.

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