Starting XI: Erik Hurtado

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Starting XI: Erik Hurtado

1.) What did you know about the Whitecaps before you were drafted?

Erik: “I knew that they had a great fan base.”

2.) People are saying you have a faster sprint speed then Mattocks. Has he asked for a flat out race to see who is faster?

Erik: “Haha no he hasn’t asked for a race yet, but I would look forward to that. That’s for sure.”

3.) What are your personal goals for the season?

Erik: “My personal goal for this season is to get rookie of the year, because if I do that I will be scoring goals, getting assists, getting good playing time and helping my team win loads of games.”

4.) Who is the best player you have ever played against?

Erik: “I don’t know if a can think of a best player I have played against that has stood out.. I haven’t played but 4 games in the MLS and most of my career is college. In a few months I will have a for sure answer.”

5.) Who is the best player you have ever played with?

Erik: “The best player I have played with is Danny Mwanga from the Colorado rapids. We used to play club together in high school and he was raw.”

6.) Who is your favourite soccer player of all time?

Erik: “Of all time, hands down the original Ronaldo from Brazil.”

7.) Going to Santa Clara, did you hear about the legend of part Caps owner Steve Nash? Have you had a chance to talk with him?

Erik: “Of course I have heard of Steve Nash, he is a legend at my school with his banners and name all over the athletic department. I have not got to meet him yet but looking forward to it.”

8.) Between you and your roommate (Omar Salgado) who gets the TV remote on the road?

Erik: “I mean he’s busy talking on the phone with his girlfriend and texting her the whole time so its not really a fight.. I get it haha.”

9.) What do you think of the MLS trying to trademark the Cascadia Cup name even though it was created by the Caps, Sounders and Timbers supporters?

Erik: “I just think its a great atmosphere to have and play in. No other teams in the league have this sort of passion and rivalry.”

10.) Who is your favourite soccer team of all time?

Erik: “Barcelona when they had Samuel Eto’o and Ronaldinho. unstoppable.”

11.) How much does your family love you only being a few hours drive from home?

Erik: “They love it the try and make as many home games as possible and when ever we get a couple days off I try and make the trip down to visit them.”

Extra Time

12.) Have you had a chance to check out the Vancouver rap/hip-hop scene?

Erik: “I have not really had the chance, but my barber is into rap/hip hop so he showed me some local guys he knows who rap and have made a couple music videos.”

13.) What would it mean to you to bring a MLS Cup to Vancouver?

Erik: “Words can’t describe what it would feel like, that is the dream and the goal of our season. I honestly believe with this team we have the potential to do it this year and cant wait to see how far we go!”

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