Teibert Better Off In Vancouver Or On Loan?

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20130326-220327.jpgIn case you did not already know, Aaron Campbell is the author of the WhitecapsWednesdayWeekly column, but he was unable to share his opinion this week, so I will be sharing it for him.

In This Week’s Edition

I will be covering the peculiar topic of Russell Teibert and whether he is better off staying with the Caps or going elsewhere on loan. As many fans will have noticed and may or may not be happy about, Teibert receives next to no minutes on the pitch. He is a versatile player who is capable of playing in the midfield or in the back line. Some may recall his brilliant performances with the U23 Canadian national team as an outside back in the CONCACAF Olympic Qualifiers last year.

What’s The Right Move For Teibert?

So the question arises, if Teibert is not receiving enough playing time in Vancouver, would it be better for his development to stick around or to be sent out on loan?

Let’s begin with the advantages and disadvantages of Russell sticking around in Vancouver.


  • Around a top-level club environment could be good for his development.
  • Will be training and playing with some of the best players in North American football.
  • Gets to play in his home Country and will get more exposure to the Canadian national team playing in MLS rather than NASL or USL.
  • Better training, which could aid his development.


  • Will get very low amounts of playing time which could affect his development.
  • National teams often like to see their players on the pitch playing, rather on the bench all the time.
  • Would be sent to a lower division team like the NASL or USL.

    It is still a little difficult to decide whether Russell Teibert is better off in Vancouver or out on loan based on those points I just listed. Let’s look at the advantages of disadvantages of him going out on loan.


  • Teibert would receive much more playing time as opposed to how much he gets in Vancouver.
  • Would still get professional training and good competition.
  • Possibly more exposure to the national team due to increased playing time.


  • Would be sent to a lower level league such as the NASL or USL.
  • Most likely would have to leave Canada to play in the United States.

    The Final Verdict

    With all these advantages and disadvantages taken into consideration, I think it is a better move for Russell Teibert to be sent out on loan. It is not effective for him to sit and rot on the bench by receiving minimal amounts of playing time. If he were sent to an NASL or USL side, he would still be in a professional environment, as well as receiving good training and competition. This way he will be given the room he needs to grow and flourish because down the road he will be a true asset to the Caps. Russell has great potential and he will surely be a fantastic player for the Canadian national team and of course, for the Whitecaps organization.

    Jake Vendramin

    Let us know what you think about Russell Teibert and whether he should stay as a Cap or go out on loan. You can reach us on twitter and in the comments section below. Also, let us know what you think in the poll provided below:

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