Everybody Needs Koffie

Posted on March 20, 2013 by


Gershon Koffie

There has been a lot of talk about the Whitecaps potentially moving Gershon Koffie in the future, if the money is right. He is an above average player right now but he has the potential to be a great MLS player for years to come.

What is the right deal that the Whitecaps would be willing to take? Is it $4,000,000 like what FC Dallas got for Brek Shea? What other league would best suit his play? Lets look at the pros and cons of a potential move for Gershon Koffie:


  • Money for the club; this can help the Whitecaps in many aspects of the organization.
  • Developing a relationship with a quality club for future dealings and transactions.
  • Proving to other players that may have an interest in Vancouver that playing for the club can lead them to bigger and greater things.
  • Opening the door for other young Ghanaian players to be apart of the Whitecaps in the future.
  • Showing good faith in Koffie by giving him the opportunity to succeed in his soccer career. Gershon has made it clear that he is willing to play anywhere the Whitecaps would move him. He loves playing in Vancouver but understands how the business of soccer works.


  • Not enough money for the organization; any fee that the Whitecaps get for Koffie is not all for them. The MLS gets 33%, Koffie’s Ghanaian club also gets a percentage of future sales of him. Why would you take 60% of the fee?
  • He can be a MLS All-Star, no one is disputing his potential. He is young enough to be a Ryan Giggs type of player. He can be a 12-13 year Whitecap. That is a rarity in most leagues. Look at FC Barcelona for instance. Most of their players never leave. They start between 16-20yrs old and are developed over time.
  • His money making potential in ticket sales and jersey sales can make them more money over time than any transfer fee they can get right now. Next time you go to a game look at all the Koffie jersey in the stands.
  • He has proved to the Caps by getting his permanent Canadian residency that he enjoys his time being a Cap.
  • Outraging the Caps and Koffie supporters. They made this mistake when they sold Chiumiento to FC Zurich. He was a fan favorite and players were upset to see him go.
  • Proves to Whitecap season ticket holders and fans that Vancouver isn’t a pick and pay club. Proves to fans you want to win over the long term. Let’s not just sell to make a few bucks. Let’s develop and win long term.


My personal opinion is he should be a life long Whitecap. You may say that’s wishful thinking on my part. Why can’t he be a captain of this team when he hits his prime at 28yrs old? We have something special here, why not let him help us get better quality players.

Players want to play with great midfielders, they make it easier to be a striker and makes defenders now they have back up if needed. Lets take time and develop him into the best player we can make him into.

The MLS is a marathon, not a sprint. His country is Ghana but his home is Vancouver.

Aaron Campbell