Kenny Miller: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

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Kenny Miller’s time in Vancouver has had more ups and downs than the wooden roller coaster at the PNE. There were many questions in the past off-season if Miller would even be in a Whitecaps jersey starting on March 2nd. At times, he has been an excellent, hard working player that has come close to scoring handfuls of goals. Most of the time last year, he was often two steps behind opposing defenders and couldn’t seem buy a goal with his pricey $1.2 million dollar salary. As the highest paid player on the roster, he definitely has the shortish leash with the Whitecaps’ supporters to produce this season.

Many are still wondering, will he be here following the summer transfer window? If he keeps up his leadership and pace he is showing so far this season it will be a very difficult decision.

Points To Consider:

  • As the only designated player on the Whitecaps’ roster with a hit of $1.2 million, he almost has unrealistic expectations. At that rate of pay, it is expected that Miller will score at least 12-15 goals in all MLS regular season games. With other forwards like Mattocks, Manneh, Hurtado, Camilo and Salgado in the squad, I don’t believe he can get more than 12 goals in a full MLS season. I think a successful season for Kenny would be around 8-12 goals.
  • Leadership is a great way for him to prove his worth to the team. In the first two games, there has been a drastic improvement in the way he has carried himself and shared his leadership and experience with the rest of the squad. That alone helped him gain much respect from supporters watching the first two matches of the season. His leadership was extremely prevalent and had a very positive influence on his Whitecaps side.

Kenny Miller Scores The Winning Goal In The 2-1 Win Over The Crew

What Do I Think?

I think confidence will be key for Kenny Miller this season in order for him achieve a goal total in the two digit range. If he keeps his good form up from the first two matches up, his teammates, coach and the fans will have confidence and respect for him. Once this is achieved, then I believe he will be putting the ball in the back of the net on a regular basis.

I do not expect to see Kenny Miller leaving the Whitecaps in the summer transfer window this season. I think he will redeem himself from last year and play to the best of his ability this season. Especially with Jay DeMerit out with injury and Miller now with the armband, expect him to be here until at least the end of the season.

Aaron Campbell

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