Starting XI: Atiba Harris

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Starting XI

1.) How are you adjusting to the altitude of Colorado?

Atiba: “I’ve adjusted pretty well to the altitude. My family and I decided to come to Colorado a few weeks ahead of training camp for this very reason.”

2.) How are your wife Rachael and daughter liking Colorado?

Atiba: “My wife and daughter are both enjoying life in Colorado. It’s been a good change for us.”

3.) How would you describe your time in Vancouver playing for the Whitecaps?

Atiba: “My time in Vancouver was very frustrating. I was really looking forward to bringing joy to the fans but it didn’t quite worked out that way but I’m optimistic about Colorado and looking forward to a successful year.”

4.) Are you excited for October 26th when you come back to play in Vancouver? What type of reception are you expecting from the fans?

Atiba: “I’m excited for the new season in general. Oct 26th against Vancouver will be my first time back so I’m hoping the supporters would welcome me back and I’ll hope my team my team gets a result when that time comes.” (smiling)

5.) What do you miss most about Vancouver?

Atiba: “I will always miss the beautiful city life. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.”

6.) How is the knee feeling?

Atiba: “I’m back to full health and haven’t been having any issues so i’m really happy and excited for this season.”

7.) Who is your favorite soccer player of all time?

Atiba: “I really enjoyed watching lots of great players growing up but if I had to choose one player it would have to be Didier Drogba. He is something special on and off the pitch.”

8.) Who is the best player you ever had as a teammate?

Atiba: “Claudio Suarez was the best player I had as a teammate. What a legend. He was a great player and even better person.”

9.) Who is the best player you have ever played against?

Atiba: “I think Thierry Henry is the best player I’ve played against.”

10.) Your cousin Micah Richards plays for Manchester City. How proud are you of his career?

Atiba: “I’m very proud of Micah Richards because he has worked very hard over the years to get to where he’s at and still has a lot more to give to this game. He has bright future and I’m hoping to see him in the World Cup squad for England.”

11.) Fill in the blank: At the end of the 2013 MLS season I will have ____ goals?

Atiba: “At the end of the season I will have more goals than last year.” (smiling)

Extra Time

12.) Colorado is your 5th MLS team since 2006. What team has the most passionate fans?

Atiba: “I think the league is growing and the fans are all very passionate. A couple of supporters groups have joined together here in Colorado so I’m ready to play in front of the Centennial 38 SG (@C38sg) and the rest of the Rapids fans.”

13.) Do you have anything you would like to say to the Whitecaps supporters?

Atiba: “I would like to thank the Whitecaps supporters for supporting me and being there for me during my difficult time in Vancouver. They deserve to support a successful team because their support are first class. Good luck this season.”

The Colorado Rapids visit BC Place on Oct. 26, 2013 let’s welcome Atiba back as the great MLS fans that we are.

Stay tuned next week for another great surprise guest…

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