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Starting XI

1.) How would you describe your time in Vancouver playing for the Whitecaps?

Eric: “My time in Vancouver was amazing!!”

2.) What was a better Caps moment for you. First MLS games against Toronto with the two goals or the amazing goal against Toronto on the cross in extra time?

Eric: “1st MLS game vs Toronto by far!!!”

3.) As a Southsider and fan favorite, are you excited for your return game when FC Dallas comes to Vancouver?

Eric: “I’m excited to come back in Vancouver with Dallas (April 27,2013) it’s gonna be a special day for me, I have a lot of friend’s there, and to see the fans is going to be great.”

4.) The goal against Seattle on June 11,2011 has been called one of the best goals in MLS history. What do you remember about the goal? Out of 10 chances how many times can you put that shot into the net?

Eric: “I remember everything about this game, we had a good game, I think 1 maybe lol.”

5.) When Davide was sold it left many fans shocked and upset. How did you feel when you heard the news?

Eric: “I was really sad, Davide was the best player of the team at that moment.”

6.) Fill in the blank: At the end of the 2013 MLS season I will have ___ goals.

Eric: “At the end of 2013 MLS season I will have SOME goals lol.”

7.) Favorite soccer player of all-time?

Eric: “Ronaldo Luis Nazario da Lima BY FAR!!!!”

8.) Most skilled player as a teammate?

Eric: “Davide Chiumiento!!!!”

9.) Most skilled player you have played against?

Eric: “Ronaldihno, Jay Jay Okocha & Cristiano Ronaldo.”

10.) What do you miss the most about living in Langley?

Eric: “My man room lol and it was quiet.”

11.) How bad does your wife miss the horse farm in Langley?

Eric: “She misses Ryan Kellins sister, Amber, she’s an amazing woman and great friend, she helped us a lot.”

Extra Time

12.) How would you describe your time in Toronto?

Eric: “My time in Toronto was short, but I meet some great people!!! I’m pleased with my time in Toronto.”

13.) Who has better fashion sense: yourself or Davide?

Eric: “Davide of course, he’s really fashionable.”

Thank you Eric for taking the time during a busy week getting ready for First Kick to do this interview. Tickets are still available for the Whitecaps vs. FC Dallas game on April 27,2013 at BC Place.

Stay tuned for another great surprise guest next week..

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