Joe Cannon vs. Brad Knighton: The Stats Don’t Lie

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There has been a lot of debate on the Twitter verse about who should be the starting goalkeeper this season for the Whitecaps.

Do you go with the 38-year-old, 14 year MLS veteran Joe Cannon? Or, do you go with the 28-year-old with 1 MLS season Brad Knighton?

Many argue these choices based on their feelings towards the players, what Cannon has done in his career and Knighton’s lack of experience.

I have looked at the stats of these two good goalkeepers to base my choice.

Joe Cannon:

  • 2011 MLS Season: 20GP-4W-12L-4D-1.61GAA-3CS
  • 2011 Canadian Championship: 1GP-0W-1L-0D-2.00GAA-0CS
  • 2012 MLS Season: 26GP-8W-10L-7D-1.34GAA-8CS
  • 2012 Canadian Champ: 2GP-0W-1L-1D-1.00GAA-0CS

Total: 49GP-12W-24L-12D-1.43GAA-11CS

Those stats are horrible for a starting MLS goalkeeper. You can talk about what Cannon has done in his career and all the success he has had. But since he has been in Vancouver he hasn’t been very good. Sure last year he got the shutout minutes record of 427mins. Other than those 4.5 games he was 6W-10L-5D-1.61GAA-4CS in MLS season play.

Brad Knighton:

  • 2012 MLS Season: 10GP-3W-3L-3D-0.81GAA-3CS
  • 2012 Canadian Championship: 2GP-2W-0L-0D-0.50GAA-1CS
  • 2012 MLS Playoffs: 1GP-0W-1L-0D-2.00GAA-0CS

Total: 13GP-5W-4L-3D -0.77GAA-4CS

Sure he doesn’t have a big number of games played to determine what type of MLS keeper he will be in the future. Will he be a player with a career like Cannon? We don’t know yet. Although, based on his stats from last season, he deserves a chance to be the starting keeper this year for the Whitecaps.

It is nice being able to have debates like this with such a well-rounded team. We sure couldn’t say that the ‘Caps first season in the MLS. Does any remember Jay Nolly and what his record was for the Whitecaps? (if you want to know 17GP-3W-6L-8D-1.47GAA-3CS). With today’s signing of Simon Thomas as the third string keeper, Knighton has competition for the years going forward to keep the starting job in Vancouver.

Who ever Rennie selects to start this year, one thing the team has in common is high expectations and for us as ‘Caps supporters, we shouldn’t have to have it any other way.

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